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Oulu in essence Kayaks T-Shirt
Oulu Kayaks T-Shirt
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There are a lot of amazing places in Oulu to explorer it from kayaks.

Oulu in essence Bikes T-Shirt
Oulu Bikes T-Shirt
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Bicycles are the favourite transport in Oulu. We have about 800 km of dedicated bikes roads in the city and Oulu people ride their bikes all year around.

Oulu in essence Polar Bear T-Shirt
Oulu Polar Bear T-Shirt
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Oulu, Finland is a very untypical city. In Oulu, you can see technologies and things that will be common in other cities in the future. For example, Polar Bear Pitching event - coolest pitching in the World. Participants present their ideas from the ice hole to compete for investments.

Postcards Oulu
Greeting Cards Oulu
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Oulu postcards with beautiful pictures of the most recognizable places in the city.